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Abu-bakar Sadiq pharmaceutical company   was established in May, 1998, and is essentially a supplier of general drugs operations, laboratory reagents and instrumentation to hospitals, universities, technological institutes and local industrial and pharmaceutical companies throughout the state. ASPCO is a premier medical distribution company operating for nearly two decades nationally throughout Leveraging excellent customer service and existing business relationships; ASPCOrepresents a select group of the world's top medical supply companies in Somalia and is expected to earn fully corporation link with the rest of the world soon. Today, ASPCO primary objective is to nourish its existing business relationships and develop new partnerships with manufacturers seeking to penetrate markets within the Somalia and abroad. With a sole focus on medical distribution, ASPCO portfolio continues to grow in large part to its expertise and dedication to customer service. Performance, expertise and trust are at the core of our business. Through a combined 22 years of experience, we’ve built valuable relationships with key opinion leaders, which has led us to become both experts in the field and extremely knowledgeable of the regulatory landscape in Somalia  

A personally-owned and operated company, we’re proud to say we are on solid financial standing, have a positive credit history and an unmatched payable record. Our distribution network is secure, professional and thoroughly vetted. We are constantly improving and evolving as markets, products and technologies evolve. As ASPCO, we pride ourselves in bringing innovative solutions in bringing products to markets. Equally, ASPCO is renowned for the good administration procedure and the principle of management pertaining to the issues affiliated to the business of drug supply importation, distribution agency and proper storage facility that enable us to keep medical products up to date. ASPCO as a local company shall mediate supply and consultation procedure aspects and opportunities for state to state transportation and clearance mechanism.

ASPCO beside, drug supply carries out other programs such as export of dried lemon fruits and operates ice production plants. With well qualified human resources and reliable organizational behaviors, ASPCO ensures conducive environment for clients as well as partners in the field. We believes to have the power to facilitate purchases on behalf of other companies both local and overseas pertaining medical supply legality and prosper together with customers, shareholders, and employees, and to contribute to a prosperous society. ASPCO, as a registered partner to the government of Somalia in the Ministry of Health and welfare of service opts to take part in the enhancement of health and wellbeing of the Somalia population  




2.    Our mission and purpose

Our mission is to build total brand value by innovating to deliver impeccably cohesive pharmaceutical needs including drugs in warehousing and supply solution to our clients at a price that is impartial and uncompromising.

3.    Our vision

Our vision is to lead the healthcare products provision mechanism throughout the country and treat our stakeholders with faithfulness, integrity and respect. We strongly believe that pursuing all of our vision with standards  and principles relevant to world-wide health care units..

4.    Our objectives of

o   To ensure the provision of an effective and efficient medical supply and services to  improve connectivity for people and business

o   To support pharmaceutical strategies, regeneration and development by integrating quality provision.

o   To set the industry standard by creating an atmosphere that promotes safety, employee morale, community spirit, honesty and integrity.

o   We provide professional support and maintain close coordination with our partners, enabling them to have access on competitiveness and to be recognized suppliers in our health care community.

5.    Our company values

We believe that our employees make the difference between a good and a great company. We encourage inventiveness, imagination, improvisation, and teamwork. We believe that there are no limits to what we can accomplish as a team and are always willing to explore new products, markets, and territories. We believe that the strength of our company is the pride and commitment of our people.

Ø  Honesty
Each employee maintains the highest ethical standards and acts to protect and uphold the regulations and procedures required to produce quality drug products.

Ø  Customer care
To build long term, lasting relationships with our customers, each employee is committed to providing quality and cost effective products and services that promote growth and understanding.

Ø  Teamwork
All employees and departments work together in support of one another to move Sheffield forward to reach the company’s goals and objectives.


Ø  Innovation
Each employee has a "can do” attitude that manifests itself by creatively turning problems into solutions. This attitude is present at all levels in our company and is applied to all aspects of our operations.