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Malva vaginal douch

Saturday November 09, 2019 - 11:21:32
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Malva vaginal douch: Porwerful ceanser effect against abnormal discharges caused by m.o


( vaginal douch )


Each malva contains:

·Malva extract (mallow)






·Rose extract

Marvelous efficacy due to:

1- Porwerful ceanser effect against abnormal discharges caused by m.o

2- Anti-infective for wide range of m.o

3- Anti -inflammatory effect for inflammed area

4- Anti-pruretic for itching

5- Deodorant action for bad odor 6- lubricant and soothing effect for drynees

Excellent safety profile:

1- No dryness ( doesen’t affect the phospholipid layer )

2- Respect natural physiological ph

3- Non stinging , non staining

4- Non irritant , non sensitizing

References :

1- Baughan,d.m.bractice recertification,15(5):55/45/1993

2- American journal of obsterics and gyne

3- Harber and row 1988-neo york

4- Phytocetical chemistry

Tagobetain surfactant effect (decrease the surface tension of the abnormal fatty discharge to be easly washed by water) amphoteric effect (to change the ph in used area to be undesirable media for the m.o.) chamazuline (chamomile ext.)

- anti-inflammatory effect

- anti-infective effect

- midi astringent effect mallow and tegsoft local lubricant with emollient effect for used area to restor iubrication soothing with calming effect ph balanced material to respect natural physiological ph for uesd area ( 4.4 0 4.6 ) thymol anti-infective effect for wide range of m.o including gm-ve and gm +ve bacteria , fungal and trichomonal infections menthol

- anti-pruritic effect for pruritus ( by dilatation of b.v to increase the blood flow to the applied area ) .e washing irritant substances

-cooling and refreshing effect ( menthol induces cold sensations when applied to skin and mucous membranes . The underlying mechanism being a sitmulating action on peripheral cold receptor) rose extract deodrant effect to remove and prevent bad odor

Indications and usage:

- all vaginal infection : vaginosis - candediasis - trichomoniasis & chlamedia - vaginal infalmmation ( vaginitis & vulvo vaginitis) - vaginal discharge & itching ( pruritis ) - vaginal bad odour

Dosage & administration:

1- to be used in the morning and in the evening directly without dilution byapplicator in server cases 2- it can be also used diluted by addition of one measure to half litre of warm water.




Produced by: panax pharmaceutical company

Imported by: abuubakar sadiiq pharmaceutical company




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